“Every one of my employees is a partner and leader in this company. Together we inspire growth through learning, trusting each other, and doing what's right for our clients and fellow teammates.“

- Stephen Morton - Founder and CEO

“At Vibrant Payments we strive for quality merchant connections and truly want to help in any way that we can. We do that by being available when you and your business need us the most.“

- Rachael Morton - Chief Marketing Officer

The most compelling reason businesses switch to Vibrant Payments is our team of dedicated, local, customer service members. Our reps are part of your community. When you call us, you’re not talking to someone from an overseas call center. Instead, they’re in our office standing by and ready to help when needed. They can be in your store or office at almost a moment’s notice to help with any issues you might be running into. 

Our promise to you the customer is to always be as transparent as we possibly can. We're quick to admit if we've made a mistake and we'll always do our best to make it right by going above and beyond what's usually expected of a provider in the credit card / merchant services industry.

In an industry that's full of greedy businesses and untrustworthy salesman, our culture is one of making sure above everything else, that we always do what's right by our customers and our employees. Maintaining that trust and support is the foundation and direction for the future of our company. We're a Vibrant group who's excited to work with our customers and also each other. We cultivate an energetic and fun atmosphere so that when times are rough, it's easy to push through it and put a smile back on your face and ours.

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Phone: (855) 212-9537

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"Liberty Lake encourages and supports leading-edge technology and a progressive business environment, ensuring a diverse, prosperous and financially secure community."     www.libertylakewa.gov

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